who we are

As a faith-based organization, the Decorah Community Food Pantry shares food with local Iowans facing food insecurity. We strive to interact with clients in a welcoming and respectful manner.     


We are a faith-based, non-profit charity organization, serving thousands and thousands of clients who need food and other basic essentials each year. We are entirely volunteer-driven (there's more than 100 of us!) and operate with extremely low overhead. More than 20 area faith communities have representation on our board and among our volunteers!


When you support our organization, you should feel good knowing that your generosity means our neighbors in need have access to good nutrition. 

Our organization started as a ministry of First Lutheran Church in 1996 and grown a lot since our beginning. In 2017 we were incorporated as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our volunteers and board members come from all over Decorah and surrounding communities. What we all share is passion for doing what we can to eradicate hunger and food-access issues in our Community.

We depend on the generosity of individual donors, corporate donors, community organizations, and grants to provide the thousands of meals we distribute each year. We are so grateful to all who give time, money, or food to our important work.

Our Board Members are charged with ensuring the Food Pantry's work is sustainable and aligned with its mission for years and years to come. Most represent a local faith community.

  • Georgie Klevar, President - Grace Episcopal

  • Steven Zittergruen, Vice President - Good Shepherd Lutheran 

  • David Scott, Treasurer

  • Bob Hibbing, Assistant Treasurer - Lifehouse

  • David Thompson, Decorah Covenant

  • Joann Hagen, Decorah Friends

  • Jon Hart, First Lutheran

  • Nancy Ruen, First United Methodist

  • Judy Mowry, Glenwood Lutheran

  • Lalie Madriguera, Unitarian Universalist

  • Terry Sparkes, United Church of Christ

  • Rachel Hanson, Washington Prarie Lutheran 

  • Martha Kane, Saint Benedict Catholic

  • Deb Larson, Madison Lutheran

  • Rhoda Gritton, Decorah Lutheran


Our Friends

We have so many friends and community partners that we won't try to name them all. We are beyond grateful to our donors, big and small, and to community organizations and businesses whose generosity make what we do possible. We also need to thank our partner organization, the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, which helps us access much of the food we then pass on to our clients.