Current operating procedures

Much has changed and will continue to change at the Decorah Food Pantry. We are no longer open on Tuesdays.

We have a new online ordering store for clients. Clients with a client identification number (you get those at the Food Pantry) can place orders online or by calling your order in to a volunteer who will place your order for you. Click here for the instructions. (Instrucciones en español.) This online store means that clients will have more choice in what they receive (reducing waste) and will further reduce volunteer and client contact during the epidemic.


Drive-up clients are still welcome, but your wait will be longer and you will not have as much choice as you would using our online ordering system. New clients are welcome. All you need to bring is an identification for our internal tracking use. 

Here is information that will help you use our pantry safely: 

* Food and Coronavirus (CDC info)

* Food Safety and Coronavirus (ISU Extension)

Get Food

Anyone who lives in Iowa can come to the pantry for food each week during our open hours. We know visiting a food pantry for the first time can be intimidating, but it's simple! We'll need your name, an identification, address, and the number of people who live with you. That's it!


We have good volunteers and are always looking to grow our talent pool! Additional volunteers may be needed as our response to Covid-19 evolves. Spanish-speaking volunteers are especially needed.


Our donors make this whole thing possible. We can buy food very affordably with your gift of money, but your gifts of food and fresh produce also make a big difference. Gifts of food should be left in the donation boxes at the end of our drive-through line during our open hours. We are not accepting food items that need cooling from the general public at this time. To arrange a large or commercial donation, email

who we are

We are a faith-based, non-profit charity organization serving thousands and thousands of clients who need food and other basic essentials. With the exception of an operations manager providing continuity to our Covid-19 response, we are entirely volunteer-driven (there's more than 100!) and operate with extremely low overhead. When you support our organization, you should feel good knowing that your generosity means your neighbors in need have access to good nutrition.